Stainless Steel Lock

Follow the drawings and request, fabricate the shape and reserved holes. The surface can be fine polished, bead blasted, brushed and so on. Color coating by PVD.

Trash Can

The stainless steel trash can is very versatile in terms of aesthetics. It can be located no matter in commercial street, office building or in ordinary community. And the stainless steel itself has the features of corrosion-resistance, fire-resistance, and easy to clean up.

Room Divider&Screen

The stainless steel dividers play an important role in hotel decorations and home decorations. Both functional and embellishment get together. More and more interiors decorations likes to use stainless steel as the major decorations. Since the surface is long-lasting bright and easily cleaned.

Accessories of Funiture

As the main support structure of the chair and table. Stainless steel structure can provide a reliable weight bearing. The surface can be polished, brushed and so on. Color coating can be done by PVD.

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